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Your Subscriptions Questions, Answered

What's included in the monthly short fiction?

Short fiction includes short stories, poetry, and the occasional short fiction in a more unusual format, and you’ll get one of these monthly.

How do serialized novels work?

Serialized novels are released a chapter at a time, and then published in their complete form after all the chapters have been released.

When a serial novel is running, you will get a new chapter once or twice a month instead of short fiction.

How will the monthly fiction/serial novels be delivered to me?

You will receive each piece of short fiction/serial novel chapter by email.

How do I access the digital library?

When you subscribe, that will create an account, and all the digital products included in your subscription will be added to that account. To access them after you’ve signed up, all you have to do is log in.

What books *won't* be included in the digital library?

Everything I’ve published is in the digital library. The only things not included are stories or books that have been published by a publisher. 

Right now, the only things you won’t get in the digital library are the Kitten Psychologist series (published by Inkprint Press) and I Never Expected the Stars (published in Compostela: Tesseracts Twenty). Otherwise, all my books are available in the digital library.

Why do I have to be subscribed for three months before getting a paperback?

Being subscribed for three months ensures that any costs associated with sending you your book (such as shipping) are covered. It also ensures that I have enough time to get your chosen book in stock, if needed, and prepped to ship out to you.

What's in the bonus companion ebooks?

The companion ebooks include such things as bloopers, deleted scenes, alternate endings or beginnings, and/or sneak peeks at related stories in development.

(Yes, I write bloopers for my characters. They enjoy it immensely 😇)

Do I have to make an account to subscribe?

Yes. Creating an account means that you’ll be able to log in later to access your digital library (if your plan includes that) or change or plan or update your account details.

You’ll be able to access your account at any time through the login link included in every short fiction email.

Why do you want a shipping address even though my plan doesn't include a paperback?

Payhip, the service that powers this store, doesn’t allow me to specify which plans need a shipping address. That said, having your shipping address already on file makes it easier for you to upgrade, should you wish to 😇

What if I want to subscribe without getting anything - I just want to support you?

First of all, thank you so much! You can support me on either a one-time or monthly basis here.

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