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Dreaming of Her and Other Stories

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Be prepared to enter a vast array of worlds. Each one contains echoes of our own, but never enough to be comfortable. Never enough to be entirely familiar; never enough to be entirely safe. As you enter into the stories and poems of this collection, you will discover that reality goes farther than what we can see, and further than we have ever known.

Read, among many others, the story of the life of a river as he discovers his true self, a poetic retelling of Daphne’s flight from Apollo, and, in the titular story, a literal nightmare as a girl comes to terms with the death of her sister.

It’s time to go down the rabbit hole.

“poetic, beautifully written and profound”
~Lewinna Solwing, on “Who is the River?”

“Starting into [Dreaming of Her and Other Stories] is like stepping through a gateway into another world… I found myself waiting for some subtle twist to shift my understanding.”
~Erin Kurup, creator of the websites Remade by Hand and Erin Reads
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