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Hidden in Sealskin

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Meet Adren: outlaw, misanthrope, hellbent on obtaining a cure for an insane unicorn.

Adren hates humans, and with good reason. Protecting the unicorn from them even as she searches for a cure means running headlong into the worst of human need—and greed. With years of this under her belt, it’s bound to leave scars. Now, trying to steal a sealskin in exchange for a possible cure when money isn’t enough, she runs into the awkward and at-least-mostly human Nadin, who insists on helping her.

When the truth of the sealskin—and the cure—is revealed and Adren begins to fall apart, she might be able to rely on Nadin as an ally. Or she might lose all that’s dear to her. Either way, she’s going to have to go head-to-head with the mysteries shaking themselves loose in her own mind and the nightmarish event that unlocked the first of them from its cage.

Here’s to hoping no-one gets in the way.
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