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These Other Doors: A Collection of More-Than-Mundane Tales

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Life is a series of choices, of doors we can walk through or leave behind. Of stories we tell and stories we keep to ourselves.

The short stories and poetry of this collection present both events no one in this world has faced:
  • flesh-eating deer that arise from glowing, golden flowers
  • a thin membrane that allows two girls from very different worlds to see and talk to each other
  • an unnatural rain that fills the air and people's lungs until they cannot breathe
  • a being temporarily trapped in our world who falls in love with a woman who dances with the ocean
...and events that perhaps some of us have:
  • a love that holds itself back, but seeks, yearns, longs to be released
  • a girl pursuing freedom among the trees from a past and future that seek to control her
  • two people trying to determine whether they even exist
Together, These Other Doors tell a story of breaking free, of learning to love and be loved. Together, the characters inside find the doors open to them.

And they walk through.
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